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We’re All In This Together October 18, 2010

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Justice Thurgood Marshall is acclaimed as one of the greatest fighters of civil rights. Born in Baltimore in 1908, he was well acquainted with “a hand up.” Long before he became the first  African-American to serve on the Supreme Court, he understood the concept of “tribe.”  Justice Marshall quoted this statement referencing the help of others, “None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody bent down and helped us pick up our boots.”

Prayer is a daunting and often thankless activity; to do it alone requires a bit of maturity. As a society, we are accustomed to tooting our own horns. But not with this assignment. Other than our Prayer Call reports, silence is still golden.  There’s no one to brag to, and there’s no one available to pat you on the back. You go it alone, and yet you’re not really alone. There are thousands of other devoted pray-ers just like yourself. They range from newbies to seasoned intercessors. Yet a common thread unites us: our love for Him, and our love for them. It’s our love for our heavenly Father, and a love for his creation, that gives us the stamina to tow the line. The rewards and the applause (if any), come from above. However, PrayColumbus is here to encourage you and cheer you across the finish line.

Additionally, we want to provide you with resources that will assist you in your prayer development. One such resource is a 52-week Prayer Course offered to you by Alice and Eddie Smith. It is a wonder source of insight and encouragement that comes to you via email. And its FREE. That’s right. Absolutely FREE. They ask nothing at all for the course, except that you take it and learn from it. Their desire is to see the Body of Christ equipped, and this is one of their many contributions toward that goal.

You’ll find the link at the end of this post. Feel free to share it with your family, friends and co-workers. Make it a part of your weekly Bible study, whether personal or in a small group. However you choose to use it is fine – just use it.
FREE 52-week Prayer Course www.teachmetopray.com

P.S. Here’s a second link. It’s an audio with a musical intro. Listen, learn and enjoy. http://tinyurl.com/28qp8fm 

PrayColumbus – Visible, Verbal, Vigilant October 3, 2010

Posted by praycolumbus in Prayer & Intercession.
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Welcome to PrayColumbus
is a cross-denominational group of pray-ers and intercessors who desire to see the Lordship of Jesus Christ established in our city. Our key focus is our city’s schools – public, private, charter, etc. We believe that prayer is one of the links needed to bring the educational system to greater functionality. Columbus City Schools serves 53,000 student and has more than 7,000 employees, inlcuding 3,000 non-teaching positions. This group will benefit greatly from our prayers!

In the coming months, PrayColumbus will issue several prayer calls. We have concluded our first call, “TakeFive,” in August 2010. Our second  call is scheduled for Friday, October 15. This call, a ”Prayer Chain,” will involve continuous prayer from 7 a.m. to 12 noon. To participate, we ask you to sign-up for a 10-minute prayer time. You can contact us at praycols@gmail.com and provide your name (first initial, last name, the school, and the person you are praying for (student, teacher, administrator, etc.), and the time slot you’ve selected. Please encourage your school-age children to participate. We are expecting more than 7,000 participants so feel free to sign up prior to October 15.

We anticipate scheduling at least one off-line gathering this year. We hope to have several simultaneous meetings taking place in each quadrant of the city. Several strategic prayer teams are also being formed. They will have special assignments and will meet bi-monthly or quarterly. If you would like to serve on either of these groups, please contact S. Hemphill at praycols@gmail.com. We thank you in advance for your participation.  

We acknowledge that many people – individuals and churches – have already taken up this cause. We are adding our faith to theirs. Together, we can activate the exponential power of prayer as we build the Kingdom of God! 

There will be several opportunities to join us in this endeavor. Plug in where you feel it’s appropriate. And whatever you do, make some noise!

Rev. Sandee Hemphill